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South Mill Mushrooms and Champ’s Mushrooms Combine

KENNETT SQUARE, Pennsylvania, January 9, 2018 – South Mill Mushrooms of Kennett Square, PA (“South Mill”) and Champ’s Mushrooms of British Columbia, Canada (“Champ’s”), today announced the combination of their respective businesses to create a leading producer and... read more

Age is Nothing but a Number

Ponciano Bedoya Lopez retired at the end of September at the age of 83! He came to work for us 19 years ago at the age of 64, when others of that age were thinking about retirement. Ponciano worked in Utility at our M&J farm as a Bubble Man and on his last day,... read more

Camille Rouvre

Camille Rouvre, a Navy Seal veteran (1963-1967), migrated from France at the age of 10. A dedicated family man and fisherman, Cam has been a part of our South Mill family for the past 3 years. As the parts runner, he supports Jon Baird and the warehouse team by... read more

A Collective 150 years

Jim Robinson, who retired from South Mill in 2008, stopped by John’s office one day while John was meeting with Vince and Mark. The perfect photo opportunity presented itself!!! The four gentlemen here (from left to right – Vince Versagli, Jim Robinson,... read more


We are always looking for new ways to highlight our wonderful team members. South Mill has now taken it to social media. Every week we randomly select someone to interview for our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With our new hashtag #WhoWeAreWednesday, we... read more

Safety Tip

Eye Safety: – Each day, 2,000 U.S. workers incur an eye injury that requires medical treatment. – Wearing safety glasses or goggles can prevent a serious injury. – When handling chemical concentrate, always wear safety goggles. Hand Safety: –... read more

Mushroom Festival

On September 10th and 11th, a number of our South Mill team members visited and participated in the mushroom festivities that help raise funds for local non-profit organizations. The Mushroom Festival’s Grant Program has given $805,000 in grants to local... read more


Stop by on any Tuesday between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm from June through November, and you will see a bright yellow truck in the area between our packing room and lunchroom in Kennett. It is the mobile market, Fresh2You, bringing fresh and local vegetables, fruits, eggs,... read more

Wellness at South Mill

In our ongoing commitment to promote a healthy workforce, South Mill is providing wellness screenings for blood pressure, hearing, glucose, and much more on site through an initiative with La Comunidad Hispana. The LCH Staff of physicians and medical assistants comes... read more

Farm Tours

Someone asked me recently why we offer so many tours of our farms to the public. Consider the following: 200 years ago, 90 out of every 100 Americans were involved in production agriculture—they were farmers. Virtually everyone had a clear understanding of nature and... read more

Farming Business

Recent issues with crops, local and industry-wide, are affecting the marketplace nationwide; this brings to my attention the precise nature of the operational standards required by our industry. Years ago, farmers may have been characterized as a group of people who... read more

Safety Committee

South Mill has had an active Safety Committee in place since 2001. Our South Mill Safety Committee is committed to promoting safety in all work areas in our organization. The Committee is composed of 20 members who represent the various departments of South Mill, and... read more

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson has been working in our Packing Division since 1986. This makes “Charlie” a member of our Elite “Over 30” Club! Everyone who knows Charlie knows he does his job with energy and enthusiasm His Supervisor, Mirna Zavala, talks about him with great... read more

All in the Family

Rigoberto, from the Lemus clan, has been the family member working for us the longest, since 2002. “Rocky”, as he is better known, is an Operator in our Phase 1 Compost facility. Enrique, his cousin, came to South Mill in 2008. Since then, one by one, more members of... read more

Growing Gardens

Our employee gardens are in their second year, and 25 employees are now participating in our Kennett Garden. In addition, we have employee gardens at almost all our other locations. As an added bonus this year, a Pollinator Garden was planted with flowers by one of... read more

Safety/Wellness Tip

Summer months are upon us, and with them come all sorts of safety issues. The following tips reference a few of these hazards: Bee Stings: If you are allergic to bee stings, you need to carry an EpiPen with you to counteract the reaction. Contact your family doctor to... read more

Mushroom Health

Mushrooms are nutrient rich and can be added to many everyday dishes. These wonderful little fungi are full of vitamins and minerals that can help build your immunity, manage your weight, and lower your sodium intake. Also, scientists at City of Hope have found a link... read more


“Fore!” On October 5th, President Mike Pia and Accountant Tom Eason participated in the YMCA Corporate 2-man Championship golf tournament. While no trophies were brought home, it was a great day of golf. Best of all, the event raised close to $100,000 in support of... read more

The Harvesting Process

A mushroom harvester must have a trained eye to recognize proper size, ripeness and quality. This, along with no less than 15 required workmanship skills, makes harvesting mushrooms one of the more difficult jobs on the farm.

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Three Generations of Bedollas

First came the mother, Maria Trinidad, in March 1999 to work in our packing room. Then, little by little, came her sons Jose Guadalupe and Juan, to first work in our picking houses as harvesters, and then later as supervisors.

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Over 30 Club Jesus Hernandez Zavala

The Kennett Growing Department gathered with a cake and gifts on Friday, October 23, to wish a happy retirement to Jesus Hernandez Zavala, a waterman. and longtime employee of Kaolin, who began working for us on March 5, 1991.

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Chemical Safety

Hazard Communication or Chemical Safety is one of OSHA’s top workplace safety priorities. This is one reason why this standard is termed the “Employee’s Right to Know” standard.

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Nutrition Chat

As part of the new ALIVE program, Nutritionist, Carmel Rickenbach, with assistance from our HR Director, Iris Ayala, presented a nutrition chat with healthy eating tips to an attentive and enthusiastic group of our Packers at afternoon... read more

Red, White & Blue

Since September 2014, when our citizenship classes began, 9 employees or their family members have taken the citizenship test and all 9 have passed; including most recently, Jose Luna, a longtime employee in our Packing Division and Antonio Marcelo, a Phase 2 Driver.... read more


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