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Cremini-Lamb Burger with Charred Scallions, Boursin, Pickles and Tomato on a Potato Roll by Hugh Acheson

Serves: 4

8 ounces cremini mushrooms
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
2 shallots, peeled and minced
1 clove garlic, peeled and minced
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
1 bunch scallions
1 teaspoon kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 pound ground lamb 1 ripe large tomato
16 crinkle cut dill pickles
1  5-ounce container of Boursin cheese, divided into 4 equal parts
Martin’s potato buns


Finely chop the mushrooms.

Add 3 tablespoons of the butter to a large sauté pan (12 inch or so) and place it over medium-high heat. When the butter bubbles and froths add the shallots and cook for 1 minute. Reduce the heat to medium and add the garlic, mushrooms and fresh thyme.

Cook for 10 minutes, stirring often. Season with ½ teaspoon of kosher salt. Remove the mushroom mixture from pan to a large bowl and place into the refrigerator to cool, spreading the mixture out with a spatula so it will cool more quickly.

Clean out the pan with a paper towel, place it over medium-high heat and add the olive oil to the pan. Add the scallions to the pan and char them for 4 minutes on each side. Remove the scallions, chop into ½ inch pieces, and add them to the mushrooms.

Place the ground lamb into a large bowl and season with the remaining kosher salt. Add the cooled mushroom and scallion mixture and mix well to thoroughly incorporate all components. Divide the mixture into 4 equally portioned balls and then form each into patties, about 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. Store them in the refrigerator until ready to grill.

Spread the remaining 1 tablespoon of butter on each bun and toast in a pan over medium heat until each side is a nice buttery brown. Remove and cool while the burgers cook.

Get the grill hot and cook the burgers for 3 minutes per side. When they’re done, rest the burgers off the heat for 3 minutes.

Top each bun bottom with a burger, then the Boursin, then a seasoned slice of tomato, and finish with the pickles. Eat!

Full Recipe: Mushroom Council.

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