Lovell Chase has been a part of our South Mill family for the past 27 years! Like so many other employees, when asked what he likes the most about his job, he says that it is the people that make it enjoyable for him. He finds his fellow employees dedicated, hard-working and he appreciates the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of those around him. Lovell believes that obstacles are overcome by staying open -minded, adaptable and flexible. As a graduate of Oxford High School in 1989, he came to South Mill to work in the Shipping Department, loading trucks and wrapping pallets. He then supervised the night shift for several years; managed the cold storage operation; and then became our Shipping Manager. After 10 years, he moved to his position of Special Projects, for John Pia for several years, before becoming our Harvesting Manager in Growing. He now is the Manager of Continuous Improvement and works for Mike Pia. Continuous improvement comes naturally to Lovell and is reflected in the path that he has traveled all these years at South Mill. Lovell met his wife, Ivelys, at South Mill, when he worked in the Shipping Department and she was in Sales. Though she no longer works here, they have been married for 17 years, and are part of an exclusive club of couples who met and married while working at South Mill! When Lovell is not working, he is coaching his son in Baseball or cheering for his daughter while playing Field Hockey. Thank you for your years of hard work, Lovell.


Lovell Chase ha sido parte de nuestra familia South Mill por más de 27 años! Como tantos otros empleados de aquí, si le pregunta a Lovell lo que más le gusta de su trabajo, él le contestará que la gente es lo que más le agrada de estar en South Mill. Lovell opina que sus compañeros de trabajo son dedicados, trabajadores, y que él aprecia la diversidad de culturas y experiencias de todos que le rodean. El cree que los obstáculos se superan si uno se mantiene con la mente abierta y si uno es adaptable y flexible. El se graduó de Oxford High School en 1989 y se vino a South MIll a trabajar en el Area de Envío, cargando camiones y envolviendo paletas. Luego trabajó como Supervisor en el turno de noche por unos años; fue Gerente en el Area de Almacenamiento en Frio; y luego fue Gerente del Area de Envio. Después de 10 años, lo cambiaron para trabajar en Proyectos Especiales para John Pia por unos años. Ahora trabaja para Mike Pia como Gerente de Mejoría Continua. Mejorar continuamente es algo que le viene naturalmente a Lovell y se refleja en el camino que ha tomado a través de los anos que ha estado trabajando en South Mill. Gracias por su buen trabajo, Lovell!

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