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From seashell-shaped mansions to houseboats beneath the Eiffel Tower – Airbnb has more than two million listings. This Mushroom Airbnb, however, has topped the charts and been named the rental website’s ‘most popular’ property. The Mushroom Dome in Apsos, California – which started life as a DIY kit assembled for a newly-homeless friend of the owner, Kitty Mrache – has rarely been left empty since it was added to the site in 2009.

In 2015, the Mushroom Dome was only left vacant for three days out of the year. Mrache is careful to inform potential guests that the dome ‘is smaller than it looks’ in photographs.

Starting at £83 a night, the petite creation – which has two beds and sleeps three people –  has a kitchen fitted with a Hot Air Popcorn Popper, French Coffee press and a salad spinner as well as more conventional appliances including a fridge, toaster oven and a hot plate.

The Dome also has a tiny bathroom, which has no door but is shielded by a curtain, and houses a Travertine shower, a custom tiled sink and a Natures Head composting toilet – meaning toilet roll has to go in the bin.

Writing on the Airbnb advertisement, art and meditation teacher Mrache, 65, said: ‘We provide towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, a hair blow-dryer, etcetera. A word of caution, the bathroom has a low ceiling. If you are over six feet you may have to do a little ducking here and there.’

Guests will also have to climb a ladder into the top of the dome at night, as that is where the bed is hidden away. Speaking to NBC News, Mrache said: ‘A lot of people have fantasies about staying in a dome. A geodesic dome has this unique quality where you can whisper on one side of it and the sound can travel to the other side.  ‘Many guests who come here come to get away from noise and crowds.’

Full Article: Daily Mail.

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