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Within the last few years, medical specialists have made an undeniable link between the health benefits of mushrooms as a reputable whole food, minimising both the risk, as well as the development of breast cancer.

In South Africa, breast cancer is a prevalent form of cancer amongst women. The rates of incidents are increasing steadily each year and in order to be able to take control of this rising problem, both a positive and insightful attitude are necessary, from understanding the preventative measures as well as the recovery process.

Though having breast cancer at a younger age can be far more aggressive, the likelihood of it developing before the age of 40 is significantly lower. However, the benefits of taking healthy preventative measures earlier on are hugely rewarding in the long run.

The main forms of action that can be taken include: regular exercise and a healthy diet, as well as a well-balanced lifestyle.

Dr. Carol-Ann Benn, who runs three established breast cancer clinics in Johannesburg as well as being one of South Africa’s most reputable specialists in her field, confirms that regular aerobic exercise can reduce your probability of breast cancer development by approximately 42%.

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Mushrooms Can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer:

The Beckman Institute at the City of Hope Cancer Centre in California and the University of Australia in Sydney in collaboration with Zhejiang University in China have also found that women, who eat an average of 1 mushroom (10gm) per day seem to halve their risk of breast cancer.

The International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) as well as the Mushroom and Health Global Initiative (MHGI) widely promote the vast number of health benefits that mushrooms have been shown to have (many of which have long been known and used in eastern medicine for generations).

The Agaricus Bisporus, otherwise known as your common mushroom, holds remarkable bioactive compounds as well as phytochemicals that have a noteworthy ability to boost immune function and prevent chronic illnesses.

More importantly, mushrooms are able to supress the development and spreading of the most predominant forms of breast cancer, as they contain a specific protein that inhibits the over production of oestrogen, one of breast cancer’s main triggers.

The use of mushrooms from a medicinal standpoint is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it a whole food (as it contains similar health properties to both meats and vegetables and suitable for weight control), but it is also a largely cost effective way to manage your wellbeing. As it is such a popular food source, mushroom extracts can even be bought in supplement form in order to get a higher and more concentrated dose of its various properties.

While healthy ways of life are vital aspects with regards to managing breast cancer prevention and development, this does unfortunately not eliminate the risk completely.

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Knowledge Is Power:

The Power of Pink Foundation recommends learning how to do self-examination breast assessments and perform an evaluation every month, one week after your menstrual cycle. The other fundamental part to keeping informed is by having annual medical check-ups with your doctor and asking to have a breast inspection done as well.

An aspect that must be emphasised about breast cancer is that an early detection is key. The prospect of a successful recovery is far greater when you are actively aware and informed on your body’s state of wellbeing.

Studies found by the support foundation, Reach for Recovery state that:

A woman diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer has an 88% chance of cure. Diagnosed at Stage IV, the survival rate dramatically decreases with only 15% of those diagnosed surviving for more than 5 years.”

Having a diagnosis may be daunting, but with today’s rapidly growing understanding of breast cancer by medical healthcare professionals, it is possible to seek the information you need in order to be an empowered individual with a direction on how to manage your own health and wellbeing. Having a positive understanding and awareness towards breast cancer could help change our future statistics.

Fast Facts:

  • Reach for Recovery is a national Breast Cancer Support Organisation. Visit their website at Reach For Recovery.
  • The Power of Pink’s tagline for this year’s International Cancer Day campaign is #WeCanICan.
  • R400 000 was raised in 2015 with Pick ‘n Pay’s “Pink Punnet Campaign” where R1.00 from each punnet of mushrooms was donated to the Reach for Recovery Organisation.

For the full article visit: Longevity Live

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