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South Mill Offers NationWide refrigerated Logistical Services!

Full Service Logistics

South Mill can deliver to over 40 major metropolitan areas on an overnight basis from our headquarters in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. By integrating the services of our dedicated fleet of modern, air-ride, refrigerated tractor-trailers with our regionally located distribution facilities, each run by experienced staff, we are able to provide distribution services to clients within our expansive geographic footprint.

Our distribution fleet is outfitted with satellite tracking and communication equipment, providing our dispatchers with the precise location of each truck at any time during the journey, with the additional ability to transmit and receive both voice and text messages 24 hours a day. We utilize two-driver teams to ensure the quickest possible transport time for on-time deliveries to all destinations.

The New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington (Delaware), and Baltimore air and sea ports of entry are located conveniently within a 100-mile radius of our headquarters in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

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With 5 distribution centers, we service over 40 major cities on a nightly basis.

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  • IQF / Static Freezing
  • Roasting
  • Grilling
  • Blanching
  • Grading
  • Custom Cuts
  • Co-Pack Services
  • Product Development


Our fluidized bed tunnel freezer has the capability to freeze a wide variety of produce items to customer defined specifications and under high food safety standards. We are equipped to wash, slice, or dice to customer demands. Located in close proximity to regional growing areas, our freezing services can provide the opportunity for growers who do not have freezing capabilities to have their product co-packed and stored for future sales to their customers.

Market timing and sales speculation decisions can be accommodated with frozen products that are not possible with fresh, perishable items, where the perishability factor mandates immediate sales irrespective of whether the market demand is favorable. Additionally, industrial contracts are often of such large volumes that “just in time” production is not possible given the instability of weather and growing cycles. Producing when available and storing for subsequent delivery is the only way to accommodate such large contracts.

Thermal Processing Services

South Mill offers the use of our infrastructure to provide co-packing and other processing services for growers and producers. These services include blanching, roasting/grilling, slicing, dicing, and many other processing options. We understand the varying needs of customers, so in addition to in-house specifications, we have positioned ourselves to be able cater to our customers’ precise custom specifications.

Storage Services


Adding to our already extensive line of offerings, South Mill brings a high level of service to refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage customers. We provide offerings such as: 24/7 operations, port pick-ups, LTL (less than trailer load), FTL (full trailer load), repackaging, and break-bulk services.

Services include: multiple temperature zones from -10F to 40F degrees, accommodating a varied line-up of produce items, and industrial frozen items from around the world. Temperature and video monitoring of this area ensure 100% up-time integrity of all products being housed.

Unlike many other large storage providers, we have built our business on being flexible when it comes to storage terms. Due to this flexibility, we are able to accommodate storage needs ranging from 1 week to 12+ months.

  • Short / Long Term
  • Cold / Frozen Storage
  • Dry Storage
  • In / Outbound Logistics
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Re-Packing

Custom Packaging Designed to Fit Your Needs!



As a volume mushroom grower/packer/shipper, we have the high-speed wrapping technology, weighing lines, processing lines, and the knowledgeable supervision and personnel to handle the packaging requirements of a wide range of fresh, frozen, and dry food products. Customers can use our facilities as a resource to package their products efficiently for long distance transportation. Additionally, we can repackage or break down larger containers into smaller lots for distribution according to customer specifications. We are available to package for industrial, foodservice or retail re-handling.

These capabilities allow companies without infrastructure, such as offshore sales companies looking to establish a presence in the United States, to use South Mill as a third-party logistics provider, thereby streamlining their stateside fixed cost exposure. Being located near the air and seaports of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware allows customers to bring their ocean shipping containers to our location for unloading and palletizing.

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